Faith Leaders Meet With Senior Police Officers At New Scotland Yard

Faith leaders from across London met with senior police officers at New Scotland Yard this morning following the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park. Following the meeting they said:

“An attack on one community is an attack on us all. We condemn this terrible incident and call on all Londoners to stand together against terrorists and extremists whatever their cause.

“Whilst we have been supporting the community in Finsbury Park in private, we also wish to state publicly that we are committed to supporting one another and that we are determined not to allow this horrible act to divide us. There will be events in the coming days and weeks for all communities to come together and we encourage those who can to attend.

“We express our solidarity with our Muslim fellow-citizens, particularly at Finsbury Park, as they observe their holy month of Ramadan. We applaud the intervention of Imam Mohammed Mahmoud and his colleagues to prevent further escalation following this dreadful incident. His actions are an example to all Londoners.”

Src Via : Police

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